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Contact me via email with your personal contact information — and then I will follow up with a phone conversation and then put you on the list.

One of the more challenging aspects of my business is providing opportunities for players to try out my guitars — and the Roadtrip Guitar is the perfect way to address this. Guitar stores and guitar shows are great but nothing quite compares to playing a guitar in the comfort of your own home and against instruments you are familiar with. With the upcoming Roadtrip, I’ll send a guitar out to stay with an individual for approximately a week before they ship it to the next person in line. Cumulatively, the participants shoulder the cost of shipping but I will try and level this cost as some folks will be able to drop off the guitar in person.

The Roadtrip is open to anyone but is primarily directed to the Acoustic Guitar Forum (AGF) community as I’m familiar with a lot of the folks there. If you don’t have an online presence or business that I can verify, then I may need to get a reference to ensure I’m dealing with a person of good character.

There are a few things I expect from each participant.

Good Communication
I’d like to know when the guitar arrives and if there is any damage. Also, notify me when you ship or hand off the guitar to the next participant.

Adherence to the Schedule
I’d like each person to have roughly a week to demo the guitar. This allows me to formulate a tentative schedule for everyone on the list. The schedule will certainly drift over time as some folks may take less or more time and packing/shipping time is also a factor. Nevertheless, I want to avoid a situation where a participant holds on to the guitar for much longer than the agreed upon time. If you would like a bit more time with the guitar, then please contact me and I’ll see what I can do — but please ask before you decide to keep it for an extra week or two because I may or may not be able to accommodate you.

Careful Handling
This is a $13k guitar and once the Roadtrip is over, I’d like to keep this instrument as a demo guitar for my business. I was pleasantly surprised when the last time I did this (over 10 years ago), the guitar returned without a single scratch or dent. I later went on to sell the guitar to one of the participants. Certainly, accidents can happen but I would like to minimize risk. As such, I’m requesting that you only participate if you know how to handle a guitar with care. If you are the type that plays a guitar and 5 minutes later, there are scratches and dents everywhere then I kindly ask that you refrain from participating. The urethane finish I use is resistant to scratches and chemicals but the finish on the soundboard is incredibly thin and does dent easily. I will include a static pick guard so please use it if you feel it will help you. Additionally, be very careful letting friends play it as a lot of damage happens this way. I really want folks to be able to enjoy the guitar and feel comfortable playing it. That said, if at all possible, please deliver the guitar to the next participant in the same condition you receive it.

Proper Environmental Control
The other big element here is humidity control. If you struggle with maintaining proper humidity, then please talk with me beforehand as I may be able to find a solution that enables you to participate. Generally speaking, I’d also ask that you all put the guitar in its case when you are done playing it rather than leaving it out to potentially get damaged.

And that’s it. I'll probably start the Roadtrip sometime tin August '21. Contact me if you're interested.

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